Catalina jewelry are made in order to accompany the customer throughout life, but as everything needs certain care to remain in its splendor.

As we know that you want to use your Catalina jewelry in many moments of your life and create stories with them, here are some tips to help you keep your pieces beautiful because unfortunately jewelry also have their enemies.

How to care for your jewelry

- Store jewelry individually to avoid scratching, wrapping, or being placed together with pieces that tend to darken;

- Remove Catalina jewelry before taking a shower, going to hot tubs, jacuzzi, playing sports or when cleaning;

- The jewelry we make is delicate, so don't use it when you have to do heavy work;

- Avoid sleeping with jewelry;

- Remove the rings when washing hands or cooking;

- Avoid contact with chemicals, personal hygiene products, cosmetics and products with alcohol in their composition, as these may react with jewelry and some stones may lose color or be damaged;

- Avoid direct contact with sweat, creams, perfumes, cleaning products, water, heat to preserve the jewelry plating for a long time;

- If using perfume or body cream / oil, wait until they are absorbed by the body before use the Catalina jewelry;

How to clean your jewelry

- If you want to clean the jewelry in a "deeper" way:

1- Put hot water in a bowl with a few drops of neutral soap

2- Let the piece stand 3 minutes

3- Brush the piece with a soft brush in a delicate and very careful way

4- Rinse the jewelry under running water

5- Dry the jewelry with a soft, non-abrasive cloth

Attention: If the jewel has pearls please don`t use this process because it can damage the pearl, just clean the jewel with a soft cloth.



- Never clean the jewelry with toothpaste or baking soda.

- We advise you to clean your jewelry from time to time and always use a soft cloth (cotton cloth, flannel cloth) and without rubbing it hard for not scratch the jewelry.

How to store your jewelry

- Do not store jewelry in damp places or in places exposed to the sun and heat;

- When you are not wearing our jewelry you can store them in our Catalina boxes or pouches;

- Avoid that the jewelry is exposed directly to the sun, especially if it is a piece with porous stones.

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